How refreshing! Gazing has uniquely managed to combine effective training for all levels of salesperson; to re-define our sales processes and has instantly become part of the sales culture within our organisation. For the sales manager this structure allows effective coaching during the sales appointment without taking the control and ownership of the appointment from the salesperson. Will our original objectives be met? No problem!

Steve Mackervoy, Sales Manager, Universal Office Automation Ltd.

One of the original objectives I had was to increase the "respect" that my telesales guys receive within Oki and raise their individual level of self-confidence. This and more has been achieved. The call center can do no wrong at the moment!! They have been extremely successful and are now able to probe and question with far greater confidence.

So apart from us all being completely exhausted there is a great deal more motivation, commitment and sales ability!

Thanks Gazing for your help

Jackie O'Connor, Head of Telesales, OKI Systems (UK) Ltd

BHP has completed phase one of the Gazing Strategic Selling model. It has been a success on three counts: the sales team has bought in to the model and is using the techniques, it has forced BHP to be more focused in terms of our USPs and benefits, and it has delivered an increased performance from the team. An additional benefit that I have found as sales director is that it has improved my visits to customers with members of the team. In particular it allows me to participate in a call in a collaborative fashion. I can help out if they need assistance, and 'hand the call back' to the salesman, ensuring continuity. I plan to include budget for further Gazing training on an on-going basis.

I would happily take calls from sales managers considering using Gazing.

Andy Coughlin, Sales Director, Business Hotline Publications

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