Having joined Avis in November 2003, the Gazing Performance Sales Training could not have come at a better time. The management workshop helped provide a framework for Avis Sales Direct (ASD) current performance management reporting. These include daily performance management tools and a comprehensive End of Month Performance Review. Both of which have been developed through course material and additional help from Ian Cochrane in the following weeks.

The programme with ASD to introduce the new sales map was not only enjoyable but helped cement and provide the understanding behind the new performance measures that are now in place. The team are all starting to use the same terminology and phrases throughout the whole process, which is evident in the standard of marks in the call auditing system now in place. There has been an increase in performance across the whole team since it was introduced in January 2004. This is testament to the simple and understandable sales map now in place.
I have no doubt that this training and the input of Ian Cochrane has not only helped me personally but has provided a framework from which ASD will grow.”

Kelly Jones, Team Manager, Sales Direct

Gazing Performance (GP) had already started to work with Sales Direct before I joined in April 2002 and in the initial assessment of the department their sales model was one of a few things worth keeping. It became obvious very early on that the key to being a successful telesales team would be to build on the GP sales model, which is exactly what we did. Everything we now do in Avis Sales Direct (ASD) is centered around this model.

In 2003 when the Inside Managing Sales model was overlaid on top the selling model this provided a more robust set of tools for the Team Manager and myself to provide a space for the sales team to flourish - the results speak for themselves. Overall we have been very successful through using the GP sales model as we have adopted it as a cornerstone of the department.

Ian Roberts, Head of Sales Direct

In conclusion, although there has been significant change within ASD over the past 2 years the input of Compuway to the overall performance of the team and management has been considerable. It is impossible to put unequivocal figures to this improvement, but for a training spend of less than £20,000 to have played a part in the contribution to increasing ASD revenue by over £250,000 is very pleasing.

Overall, one of the most beneficial courses I have attended in 20 years of Selling and Management. Many thanks Ian

Neil Gurdin, OKI Systems (UK) Limited

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